Annual Awards

Honors Medal

  • A Bronze medal with a white neck ribbon
  • Accumulates 51 to 70 points from September through May.
  • Recognizes students who advance at a steady pace and participate in some local events


Special Achievement

  • A silver medal with a red neck ribbon.
  • Accumulates 71 to 85 points from September through May.
  • Recognizes student who consistently do well in both lessons and local events.


Distinguished Performer

  • A gold medal with a blue neck ribbon
  • Accumulates 86-104 points from September through May
  • Recognizes students who consistently do well in lessons.
  • Students are often recognized for the high quality of performance in local evaluation events.


Distinguished Performer Trophy

  • Trophy with a gold plate insert
  • Accumulates 105 points or more from September through May
  • Students excel in lessons and other local evaluation events
  • Consistently perform at a very high level and advance quickly through graded repertoire.


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